Specialty Products

USB Drive, Cases, & Tin

Upgrade Your Image Storage with Style

Introducing our top-of-the-line USB drives, cases, and tins designed to give your image storage the premium upgrade it deserves. Perfect for professional photographers and businesses looking to make a lasting impression, our USB solutions combine elegance, functionality, and customization.


  • Custom Engraving: Choose to engrave your USB drive on one side or both with your choice of text or logo. Perfect for adding a personalized touch.
  • Storage Options: Available in 8GB and 16GB capacities, providing ample space for your image files.
  • Protective Cases and Tins: Both our USB cases and tins come with protective inserts to keep your drives safe and secure. The cases can even feature the image of your choice for a unique and professional presentation.

USB Case Size: 12.75×5.875 inches

USB Tin Size: 3×4 inches

Color Correction: Available at $1.25 per file for 1-14 files, and $18.25 per quarter hour for 15 files or more.

Engraving Options: Choose from 1-sided or 2-sided engraving for a fully customized look.

Turnaround Time: Fast turnaround of 1-2 days to meet your deadlines


8 GB USB Drive +Case w/ insert $56.38
8 GB USB Drive + Tin w/ insert $34.84
16 GB USB Drive + Case w/ insert $65.51
16 GB USB Drive + Tin w/ insert $43.97
8 GB USB Drive $22.76
16 GB USB Drive $31.89
8 GB Engraved 1-side $2.83
8 GB Engraved 2-sides $4.12
16 GB Engraved 1-side $2.83
16 GB Engraved 2-sides $4.12

Can I engrave my USB on both sides? 


How much storage are on the USB Drives?   

You can decide between 8GB or 16GB of space.

Can I put text on the outside of the tin?   

If you design it that way you can, but you won’t be able to add text in ROES.