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Vintage Silk Photo Paper

Our Vintage Silk Photo Paper enhances the vibrancy of your images giving it a silky look that will leave the viewer breathless. It has a wide tonal range making your images sharper, and a texture that makes it difficult to scan for enhanced copyright protection of your work. This high-quality paper is fingerprint resistant, so no additional coatings are necessary.

Standard E-Surface Photo Paper and Metallic Photo Paper are also available.


Fifty-two standard print sizes up to 30×40 in size; custom sizes also available.

Paper Type

Vintage Silk Photo Paper

Color Correction

$15 per 1/4 hour



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Do I need to add a coating or spray to this paper?

No. This paper is finger print resistant and no additional protective coatings are needed.

How do I order a custom size?

Custom sizes can be ordered by ordering the next size available. Example: I have an image 12×22, I can order it as 12×24 & use crop or fit option to make the image fit the 12” side & put white on the long sides. They can note in the instructions for us to trim evenly to 12×22.