Specialty Products

Acrylic Photo Blocks

Elevate your photographs with our stunning 1-inch Acrylic Photo Blocks, available in three versatile sizes: 5×7, 6×6, and 8×10. These premium blocks are perfect for displaying your treasured memories on a mantel, desk, or any flat surface, adding a touch of elegance and depth to your images. The crystal-clear acrylic enhances color and contrast, making your photos pop with a vibrant, three-dimensional effect. Ideal for showcasing your artwork without the need for mounting options, these blocks offer a sleek and modern presentation that stands out in any setting.

Our Acrylic Photo Blocks are designed to provide a lasting impression with their durable, scratch-resistant surface and professional quality. Whether as a gift or a personal keepsake, they are a beautiful way to display your favorite images with clarity and sophistication.


  • 5×7 inches
  • 6×6 inches
  • 8×10 inches

Color Correction: 1 to 14 files: $1.25 per file, 15 files or more: $18.25 per quarter hour

Turnaround Time: 8 days

Size  Price
5×7 $ 56.44
6×6 $ 56.44
8×10 $ 99.38

“How are these prints shipped?”

  • All Acrylic Photo Blocks are carefully packaged and shipped via ground services to ensure they arrive safely at your doorstep.

“Can I receive a studio sample discount on these?”

  • No, the Acrylic Photo Blocks are not eligible for the studio sample discount.