Specialty Products

Freeform Magnets

Free Form Magnets are a unique and versatile way to display your favorite images. Measuring 4×5 inches, these magnets are specially designed to loosely follow the natural outline of the subject matter in your photo, giving them a distinctive and dynamic appearance.

Each magnet features a high-quality E-surface print, known for its excellent color reproduction and slight texture that reduces glare and fingerprints. The print is expertly mounted on a durable acrylic base, which not only enhances the image’s vibrancy but also provides a robust and lasting finish.

On the reverse side, a strong magnet is applied, ensuring that your photo stays securely attached to any magnetic surface, whether it’s a refrigerator, locker, or office board.

Sizes: 4×5

Color Correction:

  • 1 to 14 files: $1.25 per file.
  • 15 files or more: $18.25 per quarter hour.

Turnaround Time: 1-2 days

4×5 Freeform Magnet: $ 6.48

Can I request a custom shape for the Free Form Magnet?

The shape of the Free Form Magnet will loosely follow the outline of your subject matter, creating a unique and personalized magnet.

What is the difference between the E-surface print and other print surfaces?

E-surface prints offer a slightly textured finish that provides a high-quality look and feel. This type of surface is durable and resistant to fingerprints, making it ideal for items like magnets that are handled frequently.