Specialty Products


Artistry Metal Ornaments

Artistry Metal Ornaments are available in two standard shapes: Style 002 and Style 023. They can be ordered in either 1-sided or 2-sided versions and come with a standard red ribbon hanger.

  • Style 002: 3.928×2.875 inches

  • Style 023: 2.897 inches square

Acrylic Laser-Cut Ornaments

These ornaments are available in nine fun shapes: Star, House, Circle, Gingerbread Man, Tree, Snowman, Wide Oval, Bell, and Wide Tree. All shapes, except the Bell and Snowman, are also available in 2-up minis. The ornaments are based on a 5×7 aspect ratio and feature an e-surface photo applied to a laser-cut acrylic shape.

All Artistry shapes can also be ordered as Acrylic Ornaments (or magnets), available in two sizes: 3×3 inches and 2.5×3.5 inches. Choose between E-surface or Metallic paper.

Porcelain Ornaments

Porcelain Ornaments come in four unique designs, with images heat-sealed onto the ornaments for added longevity.

Differences Between Ornament Types

  • Artistry Metal Ornaments: Made of metal
  • Acrylic Laser-Cut Ornaments: Made of acrylic
  • Porcelain Ornaments: Made of porcelain

Hanging Strings

  • Metal Ornaments: Red ribbon included
  • Acrylic and Porcelain Ornaments: Gold string included


  • Artistry Ornaments: 3×3 inches, 2.5×3.5 inches
  • Laser Cut Ornaments: Based on a 5×7 aspect ratio
  • Porcelain Ornaments: 2.75×3 inches

Color Correction:

  • 1 to 14 files: $1.25 per file
  • 15 files or more: $18.25 per quarter hour

Turnaround Time: 1-2 days

Ornaments Price
Artistry Metal Ornament $18.04
Acrylic 3×3 Artistry Ornament – 1-sided $7.54
Acrylic 3×3 Artistry Ornament – 2-sided $8.18
Acrylic 2.5×3.5 Artistry Ornament – 1-sided $7.54
Acrylic 2.5×3.5 Artistry Ornament – 2-sided $8.18
Acrylic LaserCut Ornament – Full Size $11.61
Acrylic LaserCut Ornament – 2up Mini $11.61
Porcelain Ornament (any shape) $13.74


What are the differences between Artistry shape, Laser Cuts, and Porcelain Ornaments?

The material that they’re printed on. The Artistry Metal Ornaments are made out of metal. The Laser cuts are made out of acrylic. The Porcelain Ornaments are made out of porcelain.

Are there hanging strings included?

The metal ornaments come with a red ribbon and the porcelain and acrylic ornaments come with a gold string.