Specialty Products

USB Photo Cards


Our 8GB and 16GB USB Cards are a staple for studios looking to market their brand with a sleek, modern touch.

These USB cards are slim, unique, and trendy, offering a reliable and stylish way to deliver digital files.

Slightly thicker than a credit card, they provide a sturdy and convenient option for your storage needs.

Enjoy the flexibility of ordering single or double-sided cards at the same price!



  • Storage Options: 8GB and 16GB capacities
  • Design: Slim and sturdy, slightly thicker than a credit card
  • Customization: Single or double-sided printing at no extra cost
  • Convenience: Find this product in ACI FLEX under Main Catalog > Specialty > CDs & USBs

  • Printable size: 3.375×2.143
  • USB size: 8GB and 16GB

Color Correction

  • 1 to 14 files is $1.25 per file
  • 15 files or more is $18.25 per quarter hour


  • 1-2 days

8GB USB Card – $25.33 (1 or 2 sided)

16GB USB Card – $30.86 (1 or 2 sided)