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Colored Envelopes

Colored envelopes to press card orders is a great way to enhance the overall presentation and impact of your correspondence. It’s those little details that can truly make a difference, and colored envelopes provide an opportunity to make a statement right from the moment your recipients receive your cards.

Whether it’s for invitations, announcements, or greeting cards, colored envelopes offer a chance to inject personality and style into your communication. They can complement the design of your cards or add a pop of color that stands out in the recipient’s mailbox.

Offering envelopes in sets of 25 is convenient for customers, providing them with enough envelopes to match their card orders while also allowing for some extras. This ensures consistency in presentation and makes it easy for customers to coordinate their stationery.


  • 4.5×6.5 *limited quantity
  • 5.25×7.25

With these two sizes, you’ll be able to pair them with many of our press cards sizes:

  • 4.25×5.5
  • 5×5
  • 4.25×6
  • 4×4.5
  • 4×5
  • 4.5×6.5
Pricing for Olive, Merlot, Bright Hue Green & Loop Jute
Envelope Size Set of 25
4.5×6.5 *limited quantity  $5.73
5.25×7.25 $5.73
Pricing for Pearlized White, Latte and Ionized Metallic
Envelope Size Set of 25
4.5×6.5 *limited quantity  $8.78
5.25×7.25 $8.78

Can I order envelopes without ordering cards?


Can I order one set of colored envelopes and one set of plain on my 2 sets of cards?

No. The envelopes for an order will be all one type for that order.

Do you offer printing on envelopes?

Yes. There is a set-up fee for this, to learn more click here!

Can you print on both sides of the envelopes?

Yes, we sure can!